Will you still  give  a quick kiss to my-damped -with-liquid-moisturiser-face in the morning? When we are too busy to say goodbye. A little bread crumb will stuck in my face — typical you. While swiping it quickly, I will most likely smile. This is the kind of busy morning I would glad to have.

We will sleep next to each other. Saying nothing.  Tomorrow you’ll leave for another 4 weeks. It is hard to decide whether we should make out or just go to sleep. You stretch your arms and grab my waist. A little peck on my neck is the hint to turn off the light. This is the night to remember. Before 28 days of only saying hello when you are sober.

One day, you will think of all the girls you could have kissed. I will think about all the chances I could have missed.

But you settled for me. And I settled for you.


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