You Will Know When You Are Getting Fond of Someone

You are asking how his day was, first thing in the morning. Especially when you can’t talk to each other the night before.

You said a cheesy line such as, “Even thou we are apart — my prayers will always feels close.” Or changing his nick-name into something sounds like”Apple Pie.” This is far from your style. But everything feels right. This is a genuine action.

Saying “I miss you”or “I love you” give you an ease. When it hit the point of missing him too much, you will crawl on your bed and think about him. Then you will push yourself to wake up and continue your day.

You don’t want to stop your life while he is away. It does not feels right. The thought of losing yourself while he is gone makes you shiver.

He sent you picture of him wearing a life jacket. A shameless selfie in the middle of safety training. His eyes covered by safety sun glasses.

It makes you giggle. You realize it’s been almost 4 weeks of not seeing him in person. 28 days of maximum 4-5 bubble chats conversation a day. Somehow, you two are survive.

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