But You Didn’t (non war version)

You could raise your eyebrows when I said, “Sorry, would you mind to wait as I need to add some pictures for this sponsored content? 30 minutes?”

But you didn’t.

You drank your milk tea and told me about the trip. Without asking me to work faster, you just said tonight you want to eat rice for dinner. 

You had a choice to be mad at me when I navigate you to the trafficy-and (better yet) CLOSE – Bakmi Jawa stall. I should’ve been checking it before; by call. That should’ve been easy.

But you didn’t.

You asked calmly where is the next U turn. Without questioning my poor navigation skill, you drove me to another place. The fried rice was delicious– you said. 

You could’ve been complaining about how lightly it seems I treat our precious time before you go back to the rig. How important your job is; compared to mine. How I should have more free time, not being attached to the ideas or client approval.

But you didn’t.

You asked about my time management instead. That was an absolute white lie when you said compared to yours; my sleeping time is a “meh”. I can go to the office at 1 p.m after taking power nap — while yours will always starts at 6.

When you met my friend or their partner, you could’ve been acting very odd. Asking how tough their job was; showing that you actually interested in what they did wasn’t obliged.

But up until now, you always did.

For that kind of respect, I have no choice but to be thankful.

Deep down there, you will also hear the echo of a silent grateful.

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