A Thank You Notes

Thank you, for always be the one that flash in my mind everytime I wake up.
For the warm feeling, when I text you good morning.

Thank you, for your company.

For always make the time, even when you don’t have one.

For our morning date.

Simple moment when I can see you sleeping. Sneak under the blanket and hugging you in silent.

Thank you, for your sincerity. You let me be the queen of yours.

For saying my over-cooked meal was good.

For eating my bitter pancake without complain.

Thank you, for loving me without expectation.
You accept me, unconditionally.

Thank you, for the space that you gave.

For your great intuition.

To handle me, wipe my tears away.

For the simple touch in every beginning of the month.

For the simple joke. For not being angry when I get grumpy.

You live with me. You put me in your life.

For the love that grow without boundaries.

Thank you, for a chance to know your family.

For the warm welcome, you make me feel as a part of yours.

For a life-time experience.

Loving a pet. I’ve never been in love with any pet before I met Marshall.

Thank you, for a fruitful discussion and intimate conversation.

Thank you. For every moment.

Every hug. Every kiss. Every lover’s quarrel.
For accepting the sweet and bitter slice of me. Of US.

When people say, falling in love is one of the best feeling in the world — I am glad that we’ve been through all this.
We will keep falling.
And continue loving each other.
With new commitment.
In different form of relationship.

Thank you. For growing up together.
For the part of the future, that we had conquer.

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