Benci Karena Peduli

It will be an absurd posting, ppl. Im so sory that I cant write in the proper order recently. I just feel hmmmm confused and somehow scrambled.


Remember what i did write, hum 2 weeks ago? That I decided to quit and moving on?

Saat ini saya sangat sebal pada diri saya sendiri sebab masih peduli.


Oh come on, Monik please grow up!



The conference payment also makes me mad. The committee just send me an email that they cant accept our payment. Crappp! Badluck! Gotta fix it by tomorrow 😦


And the competition stuff.Actually, I dont wanna pretend my self like entering a competition ground. This is just an election, an ORDINARY election. And we dont have to build competition atmosphere that much. Somehow it just thrilling me! Well just wish me luck!


6 days to go before I meet him. And until now I have NO answer about the “future-thing” he proposed me.


Tasks. They also killing me softly. Can I have an escape door and have a whole free week to read novels without writing essays or even reading a journal? Oh well, college life is tough ppl!


See, my writing seems so random and absurd.


Life is getting tough. Hopes I can be tougher than life πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Benci Karena Peduli

    1. hah? marriage? oh noo gila cin, am not that crazy hehe. future-thing isn’t about marriage cindy, it just about commitment πŸ™‚

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