Guilty Feeling

Well, i have a very simple question: “Can I love 2 guys in a time?”

Do I look like player when I pop this quest? Yeah, u might true. Like Sasya said, “You are jerk”.

Yes, I did. I really did.


I feel so bad during this week. My heart and mind cant work synchronously. Have you ever feel like you are make fun on someone’s feeling? It seems like you are just being meant.

I give him sign(s), send him clue(s). Maybe he conclude that I will say YES. But my heart put a big NO in its door. Damn! This guilty feeling will killing me!


Everything just seems surreal for me. Twenty six days more, he’ll leaving. Gotta be separated in four YEARS. Oh Gosh, is that rational if I say yes and build long distance commitment? How about trust and boring-damn-thing. I hate to be failed. I dont wannna be failed anymore!

Meanwhile, this stupid feeling keep haunt on me. I hate to say that I can’t forget him, still. I miss my glass of tea so bad!


“..teh selalu membuatku ingat kamu. Kamu yang hitam. Kamu yang manis dan pahit sekaligus. Kamu yang menenangkan. Kamu yang memberi semangat. Kamu yang hangat. Kamu yang menemaniku mengawali hari. Mungkin bukan hanya teh. Setiap hal selalu saja bisa kukaitkan denganmu”


Damn, i feel bad!

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